8 Amazingly wicked car tattoos

Apart from the genius of their technical design, cars help define who we really are. From a newly bought Mercedes convertible to an old classic driven by a deceased loved one, different cars have different meaning to different people. Car tattoos for men help express this very same feeling. Some people also like to ink their dream car on their skin. The image acts as a reminder and motivation to get the real thing. Perhaps more than anything else a car tattoo simply showcases the pure bond between a man and his machine. Not sure if you should get one? Here’s our list of 8 wickedly cool car tattoos for men that’s bound change your mind.

Let’s See The Tattoo List


A shiny new hot rod, open road, and beautiful natural scenery, life simply doesn’t get any better than this. This amazing black tattoo is immaculately drawn and the grill, wheels and the overall shine looks awesomely realistic. Check the tattoo out carefully, you can actually see the reflection of the landscape on the car’s body.


If there is one car that automobile enthusiast wants to own it has to be the Shelby GT500. Not showcasing the entire body of the car this tattoo looks kind of like a cross between tribal art and the Shelby GT500. We love how the wheels look giving the overall design the tinge of aggression it required.


When it comes to detailing, this is probably the best one on our list. Just check out the level of intricacy that went into drawing up the engine, head lamps, and the grill. This all black tattoo perfectly captures the look of a wicked new hot rod in all its glorifying beauty.


Featured next on our list is another classic hot rod. The beautiful red and black color combo gives the overall design a uniquely amazing look. We were most impressed by the shiny wheel caps. Look carefully you can almost see the reflection of the surrounding vegetation.


Taking a break from ultra realistic designs this car tattoo for men has a cartoon style. The artist used 4 basic colors blue, white, orange, and yellow to give life to this amazingly beautiful design. What we most liked about this design is the shiny grill and the orange and yellow flares on top of it.


Representing peace and friendship, the Volkswagen Type II was kind of like the signature vehicle of the flower power generation of the 60s. Even though the detailing is simple the overall look of the red camper look beautiful on the skin.


It proved itself in World War 2 and can still stand it’s ground against many modern-day SUVs. This cartoon styled Willies has majestic look which can be appreciated by veterans and people who love old school designs.


Last on our list showcases a modern day engineering masterpiece. The BMW M6 is probably one of the best cars in its class and this tattoo definitely does justice in capturing all the epic details. This red tattoo is clearly of a modified Beamer with large sporty wheels and additional bumper vents. What we loved about the design is its radical angle.


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